You Were Born Wild

Kevin Tucker is a primal anarchist writer focused on uncovering how our communal past of living in nomadic hunter-gatherer bands - without storage, without production - has shaped us. By focusing on the minutiae of how domestication impacts our relationships and ecology, we can get a better grasp on how civilization reshapes and erodes our relationship with the world. 

     Each of us is born a nomadic forager. The domestication process ensures that we don't see that. More to the point, that we don't act on it. It allows us to be complicit in the subjugation and destruction of our world. Through grounding and reconnecting with our wildness, resistance ceases to be externalized. It becomes real. It ceases to be ideological and isolated. 

     The core of Tucker's work is to fully grasp the consequences of civilization and the ways in which it permeates and limps along. To rewild our lives, rebuild community, and resist civilization. 

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