• Black and Green Press:
    Founded in 2000 to centralize green anarchist, anarcho-primitivist and anti-civilization discussion, groups, and publications. Published a lot of pamphlets, zines (including Species Traitor and Black and Green Review), books and more. A force for the veneration and defense of wildness through resistance to domestication.

  • Wild Resistance: A Journal of Primal Anarchy
    Founding editor of a bi-annual anti-civilization journal dedicated to wild existence and passionate resistance. The journal published its first issue in 2015 and continues to grow in size, span and focus. 

  • Primal Anarchy Podcast:
    Discussion, hot takes, interviews, analysis, critique, and more. 

  • Peregrine
    And now for something different, founding guitarist & vocalist for an anarcho-primitivist blackened death metal band. Sometimes, there's no better outlet for rage.


  • Species Traitor:
    Editor and founder of this irregularly published "insurrectionary anarcho-primitivist journal" which spanned four issues from 2000 to 2005. Starting off as a newsprint journal and ending with a book. If you liked Species Traitor, you will love Black and Green Review.