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I'm always a bit hesitant about sharing a lot of my ideas since I probably have a dozen or so going around my head and notebooks at any given time. I circulate ideas until they really get some traction and then I spend a ton of time working on them. Here's where I'm at with a few of them right now:

  • Black and Green Review no 5: I am flushing out my main essay and more for this issue currently. A lot of ideas, but will see which suit the other writing I'm currently working on best. Issue no 5 will be out roughly mid-2017. BAGR was announced in 2014, the first two issues came out in 2015 and the next two came out in 2016. It's the project I'm most excited about and I think it's really headed in the right direction and picking up steam. Numbers 1 and 2 were 128 pages, numbers 3 and 4 were 216. That takes a lot of work, but I think what we've done stands stronger for it.

  • Roots: A Field Guide to Anarcho-Primitivism: The long overdue overview and summation of the anarcho-primitivist critique and its implications remains long overdue, but it is closing in on completion. Part primer, part manifesto, and part FAQ. Another project that support here directly translates into material results. I anticipate completing sooner than later in 2017.

  • Catalyst: the Birth and Death of Civilization: I started this book in 2002 and am beyond eager to finalize it. I have been reworking the contents and working diligently to really make this the book on contextualizing the nature of human domestication and how understanding its function can help us undo it. Very, very eager to get this one out there.

  • Gathered Remains: Essays on Wildness, Domestication, Community, and Resistance: My second book of essays. Coming in 2017.

So these are my main projects currently. Any support here translates directly into more work getting done on these projects and then I get to start pulling more ideas off the back burner and get more literature into hands and minds. Support these projects and my work by donating on Patreon.

#kevintucker #anarchoprimitivism #greenanarchy #paleo #wildness #rewilding #blackandgreenreview #greenanarchist

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