Books, essays, and intros.

Few updates here.

First, my first book of essays, For Wildness and Anarchy (Black and Green Press, 2010), is now sold out! It's going through some major revisions and a lot of much needed editing currently. Should have a revised second edition out towards the end of the year.

I'm exceptionally happy to say that I've worked really closely with Lorraine Perlman to bring out the second edition of Fredy Perlman's classic book of essays, Anything Can Happen. I've got an introduction in it and it'll be back from the printer to start shipping the first week of August. Fredy has been one of the major influences on me and this book, in particular, was really vital to the trajectories and paths I've been on alongside his epic Against His-Story, Against Leviathan.

You can pre-order Anything Can Happen by clicking here.

Lastly, another issue of Black and Green Review (no 5) is well underway. Once again, I've got some heavy hitters in this issue, the primary one still in the works, might post up more soon. We're looking to have that out by early September, so more information to come.

If you aren't familiar with BAGR, I strongly encourage checking it out. Picking up the pieces left behind from Species Traitor, Green Anarchy and Green Anarchist, it's a journal of anarcho-primitivist/anti-civilization praxis and discussion. It's content isn't going to date like a magazine and, while I'm clearly a bit biased, I can also say that I'm not sure anarchism has seen this much expansion of a critique in such a short amount of time as it has with BAGR. Issue 1 came out in spring of 2015, getting the ball rolling and issues 3 and 4 nearly doubled in size over 1 and 2.

Issue 1 is almost sold out, but if you want to get caught up, you can get a pack of 1-4 pretty damn cheap while we have physical copies left. To order that, click here.

On top of that, my second book of essays, Gathered Remains, is in the editing phase as well. That will be out this fall. More information to come.

For wildness and anarchy,


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