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Started this earlier this year: Black and Green Podcast. Much requested and finally getting around to it.

I'm generally pretty awful about updating websites, but the B&G Podcast site is updated immediately every time I do a new episode. For now that's the primary place that it's getting posted. It will be going on to the Channel Zero anarchist podcast network, not there yet though. I trust that will make it easier to get an RSS feed one.

I've been posting them on Soundcloud for the RSS feed, but quickly ran out of space there. If anyone wants to contribute to expanding the space over there, there's links on the B&G Podcast site to donate and also to submit questions, thoughts, or whatever else.

Here's the link you're looking for: http://www.blackandgreenreview.org/b-g-podcast

The podcast is also a solid place for me to discuss aspects of writings in the works, particularly my current book-in-progress, Of Gods and Country: the Domestication of Our World. I'll post more about that soonish.

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