For Wildness and Anarchy second edition Kickstarter campaign is live!

A few days late, but better than never!

The Kickstarter campaign for the revised and expanded second edition of For Wildness and Anarchy is now live!

The link for the Kickstarter is here:

And here's some more info on it:


The second edition of For Wildness and Anarchy is massively revised. There were a number of corrections to be made from earlier versions and wording clarify and clean up. A couple of the original parts didn't age as well, so they were taken out, a few new pieces - including a previously unpublished essay and an interview from 2015 - were added.

In short, this version is considerably different than the original and vastly improved. So I'm beyond thrilled to finally get this book out and off to the printer.

336 pages, printed in Canada on recycled paper. Estimated turnaround is that the books will go to the printer at the end of the fundraiser, should be shipping out to you around September.


Getting For Wildness and Anarchy to the printer is the main goal of this fundraiser. I've brought up on the podcast before about how Black & Green works. Effectively, it's built around getting books out there that are high quality, but as low in price as possible.

That said, the costs of doing so are really high. That means that keeping Black & Green going, with a journal, new books, multiple webpages and more has meant an accumulation of debt. Right now that hovers around $6,500. We sell books, but everything requires upfront payment and book-by-book is a slow way to chisel that down.

Because this isn't what you would call a real business model nor a real business drive, it really requires a lot of donations and help along the way. I'm thankful for every bit of help that comes, but right now the debt is enormous.


This fundraiser is meant to cover the cost of printing For Wildness, but the hope is to raise a lot more than that.

Anything we can chisel down on that debt is a huge relief going forward. It means that I can reprint shirts and stickers, print new stuff, possibly add another, very different website to promote primal anarchy. Basically, the more debt relieved, the easier it is to keep the projects rolling. And if it ends up being out of debt completely, then a lot more ideas I have can get worked on - including more podcasts and possibly a primal anarchy primer.

How you can help:

This is going to take a lot of talk and promotion. Please tell your friends, pass it along, talk about it, bring it up. Most importantly, it all comes down to the work. So spread the word about that. The books, the journals, the podcasts. Always down for interviews. Anything that can be done to get the word out there.

Also, there are people who support my work on Patreon or monthly donations via the website. All of that helps a ton. Our monthly costs are high on top of our debt load. Literally everything helps.

Thank you for your support.

For wildness and anarchy,


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